How much do hand knotted rugs cost?

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When you are going to buy a hand knotted rugs, the price of it is the very important issue for most of the customers. And how much do hand knotted rugs cost? As a producer, we will consider these factors which will affect the cost of the handmade rugs.  


Firstly speaking, price of raw materials will influence the price of the hand woven rug. Silk and wool are the main material for handmade carpet. If the rug is made from silk, it is definitely much more expensive than the wool material. And now the price of Chinese pure silk is $100,000 for 1000kg. So you can calculate the cost of one piece pure silk rug. And if you buy a silk hand knotted rug in a very low price, it must be not silk.  


Secondly, the pay to weavers is the biggest part of the cost. Many customers think that the material is the most part of the hand knotted rug cost. But the reality is that the pay to the workers is the most part. Why I said so? Because now this industry is very different than before, it is harder and harder to find weavers and especially for the skilled one. So we have to increase the worker’s salary to keep them in this industry. Besides, fewer and fewer workers would like to knot the high density rugs like more than 300 lines silk rugs, and we will pay much more to them to make a high density rug. So if there is hand knotted rug which is more than 300 lines or 400 lines, it must be expensive.  


Thirdly, the design of the rug also be the cost of the rug. Because we do OEM, so some designs are from our clients. But we have our own designers and we also buy designs sometimes. Beautiful designs will be more expensive.


These are main factors which affect the cost of hand knotted rugs, and they are the prospective from our producers, and we will post another article which tells the customers how to buy a good silk hand knotted rug.

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