1. 1.How you pack the rug?

     For small size rug, we will roll it. And if it is big size rug, we will fold it. And the inner packing is waterproof plastic bad, while the outer packing is double-layer woven bag.

  2. 2.What is the payment method?

    PayPal and credit card is acceptable. If you directly buy rugs from this website, the payment method is PayPal. And please note that when you check out via PayPal you will be given the additional option of paying with Visa or Master Card. Besides, we can also accept the bank transfer as payment way. Please contact us for our company bank account. And bank transfer will take some time to clear, so we will not ship the rugs before confirming the payment, you may send us a bank receipt to help speeding up the process. 

  3. 3.Do you have factory? 

    Yes, we have factory in Asia. And we have around 30 years experience of production.

  4. 4.How many inventories do you have?

    We have around 5000 rugs in our Asia warehouse, and 3000 pieces in our US warehouse.

  5. 5.What materials do you use? What sizes do you have? 

    We use silk or wool as material. All of them are natural materials. About the size, we have small size to big size, biggest size is 16x24 feet. And we have different shapes as well, like round, oval, runner etc.

  6. 6.Can we visit your warehouse?

    Yes, we welcome all the guests to visit us.