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French design is very common in the handmade rugs, and usually French design is often used in the flat weave Aubusson wool rugs and Savonnerie rugs. Best popular wool rug.jpg


Few factories will use French design in the hand knotted silk carpet, because silk material carpet with French design is hard to be beautiful so few people want to try it. But we can make it. We also use French design in the hand knotted wool silk rugs.


Wool and silk is the common material for the handmade rug. There are lots of wool silk rugs with different designs, sizes and crafts. Generally speaking, wool silk mixed rug we can find in the market is as follow. There are modern designs, abstract designs, traditional designs etc. wool silk rug in the market_副本.jpg


And what we produce is very different from them. We use the French design in the wool silk mixed rugs. And now I will introduce one piece of our French design hand knotted wool silk rugs. The color of the rug is sky blue with beige and ivory color. And the color combination is very beautiful. 

Wool rug design.jpg


About the material we use the best wool material for carpet production, which is New Zealand wool. There is also many other kinds of wool material, like Australian wool. But because New Zealand wool is thicker than Australian wool, Australian wool is usually used in clothes.


In addition, we use pure silk to make the carpet design more stereoscopic. It is easy to say and hard to do. When we make a carpet design, we will consider whether it is beautiful to turn it into a carpet. But “beautiful” is a very open idea, and what we consider is whether the average people will think it is beautiful. And if the design in one carpet looks stereoscopic, it will be definitely very beautiful. 


What’s more, we can make every photos or pictures to carpets, but it does not mean these carpets will be the 100% beautiful as people imagine. So it is a very essential factor which decides whether the factory has good crafts and skills. But how customers decide whether the factory is a good one or not. It is easy, check their rugs.


The quality of this carpet is 260 lines, and 470kpsi. It is a really very good quality rug, because now the quality of our most hand knotted rug we produce is around 230 lines 367kpsi. And the knots of this rug are more than our standard products.


If you are looking for a high quality wool silk mixed hand knotted rug, do not miss this one.

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