New Chinese design art deco silk rug collection

Posted on 2017-06-24 08:31:09 | 1077

For many years, we produced the silk rugs with Turkish and Persian design. And many customers suggest us that why not produce some Chinese design rugs, because the Chinese culture fascinates many people all over the world. Besides, we want to try something new to make development. Therefore, we make the decision to produce the new Chinese design silk rug collection.


And we only make 2 designs to test the market at first. Designs are as follow. The red one is named Spring of West Lake. And the other one with the bright moon color is named Boating and Pavilion.



The Boating and Pavilion rugs are finished last month, and it is very successful in our domestic market. Chinese rich people love it very much. Here are some rug photos in our client’s living room. He is an artist, and in the beginning he wants to try some Persian designs silk rug, but when he saw our Chinese design, he changed his mind in a minute.

Chinese design silk rug in client house.jpg 



We are serious with our every piece of rugs, and hire photographer to take the professional beautiful rug photos. For this time, we also ask some models to take the new Chinese design rugs photos. Here are some backstage videos. 


If you interest in this piece, please go to this link to check details, and buy it online.



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